SeedWick 150 Seed and Clone Starters

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Contains 150 SeedWicks and 1 disposable tweezer
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SeedWick: Hydroponic Seed and Clone Starters The Eco-friendly alternative to rockwool cubes for starting seeds and cloning plants

  • SeedWick contains a surgical cellulose wadding that absorbs moisture 16 times its weight in just 30 seconds
  • It is wrapped in a gauze covering that is 100% cotton
  • Because there is no other plant or bio material in the wick there is less chance of disease or micro organisms contaminating new plants
  • The Low density material allows for fast and easy root growth and air circulation around the roots
  • The cylindrical design guides the roots downward for quicker nutrient absorption
  • It is a very effective starter for smaller seeds and infant clones
  •  Easily start seeds in net cups and grow medium for less transplant shock
  •  Wicking effect draws moisture to the seeds and roots from below
  •  Can be easily removed from root structure with minimal plant disruption
  •  Start more seeds in a smaller space
  •  PH Neutral  - Biodegradable  -Eco-friendly


DirectionsSelect a seed with tweezers. In other hand slightly pinch Seedwick at one end to open the center of the wick. Place seed in the Seedwick. Insert Seedwick(s) into bottom of net cup in upright position and fill in around Seedwick(s) with your hydroponic medium of choice. Place the net cup in a grow tray on top of wet felt or sponge and allow the Seedwick to draw water up to the seed. Avoid over watering the Seedwick until seeds have sproutedPlace the tray and the seedlings over a heat mat at 75-80 degrees F. (23-26C) and cover with a dome or lid. Keep the felt mat or sponge in the bottom of the tray wet. You may mist the Seedwicks with spray bottle if they become too dry. When seeds have sprouted and roots are exposed at the bottom of the Seedwick, the net cups can be placed in your hydroponic station. Or gently remove the entire Seedwick with the sprout from net cup and plant directly in soil.  Sprouts can also be removed from the Seedwick by gently cutting or tearing the Seedwick  along its seam exposing the root structure. Using the included tweezers gently manipulate the sprout and root structure out of the wet Seedwick while rinsing it with water to free it from the inner material of the wick.