Product Info

  •  SeedWick: The Eco-friendly alternative to itchy rockwool cubes and messy peat plugs for starting seeds and cloning plants
  • SeedWick contains a surgical cellulose wadding that absorbs moisture 16 times its weight in just 30 seconds
  • Wrapped in a gauze covering that is 100% cotton
  • Contains no plant or bio material in the wick leaving less chance of disease or micro- organisms contaminating new plants
  • Low density material allows for fast and easy root growth and air circulation around the roots
  • Cylindrical design guides the roots downward for quicker nutrient absorption
  • Very effective starter for smaller seeds and infant clones
  • cherry-tomato-clone-1.5.jpg
  • Completely removable from the plants roots structure
  • Small footprint so you can start more plants in a smaller space (as many as 50 SeedWicks in a 4 inch net cup that can be transplanted easily after sprouting)



  • Bio-degradable, PH neutral, Eco-Friendly
  • SeedWick can be left in place with the plant structure as it will naturally degrade in hydroponic or soil mediums
  • Lightweight, making it less expensive to handle and ship compared to other materials. PRO PACK (1000 SeedWicks) is only 20oz. and 11x16x3 inches in size
  • Can be disposed of safely like any other paper material via recycling or composting
  • Made from materials sourced entirely in the U.S.A.img-3137.jpg