Directions For SeedsSelect a seed with tweezers. In other hand slightly pinch Seedwick at one end to open the center of the wick. Place seed in the Seedwick. Insert Seedwick(s) into bottom of net cup in upright position and fill in around Seedwick(s) with your hydroponic medium of choice. Place the net cup in a grow tray on top of wet felt or sponge and allow the Seedwick to draw water up to the seed. Avoid over watering the Seedwick until seeds have sprouted. Place the tray and the seedlings over a heat mat at 75-80 degrees F. (23-26C) and cover with a dome or lid. Keep the felt mat or sponge in the bottom of the tray wet. You may mist the Seedwicks with spray bottle if they become too dry. When seeds have sprouted and roots are exposed at the bottom of the Seedwick, the net cups can be placed in your hydroponic station. Or gently remove the entire Seedwick with the sprout from net cup and plant directly in soil.  Sprouts can also be removed from the Seedwick by gently cutting or tearing the Seedwick  along its seam exposing the root structure. Using the included tweezers gently manipulate the sprout and root structure out of the wet Seedwick while rinsing it with water to free it from the inner material of the wick.




Direction For Clones: Take a small cutting from the plant you want to clone. The best cutting is usually between a main branch and a side branch of your plant in the notch or V of the two branches. Push the cutting in the end of a dry SeedWick while gently twisting to make sure it gets placed deeply enough in that it won’t pull out too easily (some choose to dip the cutting into their choice of rooting compound before this step). Place the plant and SeedWick in a small container with just enough water to keep it moist, cover with a clear dome lid or clear plastic to retain the moisture. Place in a warm sunny spot or under a grow light on top of a heat mat. When cloning more than one plant a 72 cell seed tray with a dome lid is an effective way to hold the plants and SeedWicks upright while waiting for roots to appear. We also suggest using net cups with clay pebbles or rocks on top of wet piece of felt or a sponge. Place the cloned plant and SeedWick vertically at the bottom of the net cup so the SeedWick can wick moisture up to the cloned plants base. Fill in the space around the SeedWick with your hydroponic medium of choice. When the roots appear from your clone you can place the net cup directly in your hydroponic grow system reducing transplant shock.