You Can Feel It In The Air

You Can Feel It In The Air

Posted by Greg Hartman on Mar 15th 2018

Spring in Colorado is an awesome time of year. The days in March can often be in the mid 60's and 70's. The nights start to warm as well. Birds and bees begin to emerge from their slumber and begin preparing their homes for the busy, warm season about to descend upon them. It's easy to get lulled into the warmer days and active wildlife. It may even make you excited enough to think about tilling your garden and planting some seeds. But Colorado can also be a disappointment in the Spring. WHAM, a major snowstorm shuts down all highways, schools and businesses. Baseball season gets interrupted with postponed games. The birds and bees all but disappear. You stare hopelessly out the window at that perfectly tilled garden plot and wonder if your radishes will survive.

Most gardeners have probably experienced this scenario once or twice in their lifetime, but it doesn't deter us from the rewards that gardening brings. 

Bring on the Spring!