Support Small Business Saturday November 25th!

Support Small Business Saturday November 25th!

Posted by Greg Hartman on Nov 17th 2017

For many small businesses the period from Thanksgiving until the first of the new year is the most crucial time of year for them. This is when they make most of the profits that help them survive the next business year. We want to remind those of you going out to do your Holiday shopping this season to stop by your local garden and grow supply store and support them. You may not yet be thinking about the Spring growing season that is right around the corner, but if there is something you've been wanting or needing in the past year, this is a great the time to buy it. 

This is so important to the many small business that have endured so many tragic events in the last few months across this great land. Many small business have been decimated buy these events and they need your support. They will thank you!

Shamless Plug:

Oh BTW SeedWick is a small business too, and we always appreciate your business......