Paradox Ventures LLC. Is Utilizing  SeedWick Clone Starters In Their Hemp Growing Operations

Paradox Ventures LLC. Is Utilizing SeedWick Clone Starters In Their Hemp Growing Operations

Posted by Lisa Hartman on Aug 7th 2017

Farming……makes me think of alfalfa, wheat, and corn. Now I think of hemp. You may be thinking weed, marijuana, pot, Mary Jane (name it from your region). But it’s the non-THC producing strain of the Cannabis plant. Did you know that Hemp plants produce Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound that helps people who suffer from arthritis, depression, anxiety, and I’ve heard….even shingles. And the stems, leaf and other fibrous material are a sustainable resource for rope, textiles, semi-conductors (TSMCC watch out!), cosmetics and bio-fuel.

I was surprised to learn that all Cannabis related products were categorized as “psycho-active” after a 1960s Lobbyist act led by Dow Chemical Company. That meant that no-one could grow, use, or re-purpose any part of a cannabis plant because it was classified as drug and regulated by the DEA.That classification has now been overturned by Colorado Department of Agriculture and hemp can be grown, harvested and sold in Western Colorado. 

Here are some pictures of my longtime friend Gene’s business Paradox Ventures LLC. He has a 10 acre plot with 14,000 plants. I visited his operation recently and was fascinated by the well thought out (meaning planned, repeatable, adaptable and measurable) franchise-able experiment. 

This crop is all female plants that are tested repeatedly during their growth cycle by the Colorado Department of Agriculture for any amount of THC above 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis. Every part of this crop is contracted for and will be processed and used in different products. The CBD oil will be extracted by Paradox Ventures at their facility in western Colorado using a machine that uses a carbon dioxide extraction method.

Check out the pictures: